Storyline player seek bar

Jun 07, 2016

Hi All,

I have a query regarding the Seek bar of Storyline player. If we record or create software simulations through hotspots on screenshots, the simulation divides in multiple slides. My concern is that every slides has its own seek bar. It looks very odd when user clicks on any hotspot and seek bar play on each click.

Is there anyway that we can keep a single seek bar for whole project or at least for a  scene (with multiple slides)?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nitesh, 

I'm not clear on how you've added a slider to your screen recordings? Click-and-drag events—such as dragging a scroll bar—aren't interactive in step-by-step screen recordings.

However, other actions—like clicking and typing—are interactive, so you'll be able to test learners on these actions.

The screen recording will turn all the clicks and typing into their individual slide elements, so that is why you may see something over a number of slides and you could look at manually adjusting the slides or removing those that are extraneous.

Jaclyn Fridlyand


I came across this discussion as I was looking for the answer to this same question. I wanted to have a seek bar for an entire scene instead of a separate seek bar per slide.  Since this discussion was 6 years, I wanted to check if there's any update on whether this is possible. Thanks!