Odd behavior with web video in Storyline

Jun 26, 2013

Hi all, I'm trying to pull a hosted video into a Storyline slide using Insert>Video>From Website, and then providing the embed code. We host our videos on Vzaar, and the embed code seems to work just fine.

However, when I publish and play the slide, I've noticed I get multiple seek bars - one within the embedded video player and another within the Storyline player.

Using the video's embedded control I can easily seek within the video, but the player's seek bar seems to be more or less independent. In fact, if I use it to seek, the video starts playing again from the start even though I can still hear the audio continuing to play from the previous runs!

I can suppress the seek bar within the Storyline player, but if you ask me that's awkward, because participants have to deal with unique controls for slides containing videos. I can suppress the seek bar in the hosted video, but that doesn't seem to work any better. Other animations on the slide that are timed to come in at certain cue points behave erratically if any of the controls are touched. Isn't there some way to more tightly integrate a web video with the timeline of the current slide?

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Michael Shannon

Hey Greg. If you stream videos from a website, the built in storyline scrubber works independently from the video scrubber. The SL scrubber only  addresses things that exist on the SL timeline. A video that is streaming does not exist on the timeline except as an object. Storyline doesn't have any interaction with it. 

I would remove the scrubber from the SL player because it causes confusion for learners. If you have other objects on the timeline that you are trying to time to the video you have an entirely different problem because the two timelines are independent from one another. If the learner pauses the video scrubber the SL scrubber continues to play. And vice versa. 

If you need to time things to the video then you'll need a JavaScript solution--one that works with the video streaming service that you're using. I just went through this with vzaar and found a solution for auto advancing the slide when the video ends. I can now leverage this solution to watch the timecode of the video to time events on the SL timeline (I haven't yet but know that it is now possible). 

Michael Shannon

Sure Leslie. Sometimes when I do searches things will come up that are old but have never been answered. If I were searching this topic and this thread showed up and had an answer then I would not have to keep looking. I see this community as a resource. Addressing questions is an important part of that resource. The question is pertinent even if it's old. 

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