Video Play Bar no longer responds to being clicked on to jump movie forward or back

Hi - I'm using Storyline 3.37.21453.0 (updated yesterday) and have a number of .MP4 movies embedded into a new course development (via insert > video >video from file).

Video controls are set to show <below video>

On publishing either to web or just previewing a single slide - the movie seek bar no longer responds to being clicked within to jump ahead or back within the movie.

Have tested in both Firefox and Chrome - same in both.

Have tried setting video to play <Auto> - <When Triggered> and <When clicked> - makes no difference to the playbar problem.

This functionality appears to have been broken in the latest update!

I'll need to revert to the previous version.  Will look for the instructions to do this now.


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Peter,

After running through a few different tests, I am noticing the same behavior with the most recent build. I am going to connect with our team about this, and I wanted to thank you for letting us know! 

In the meantime, I did manage to find a couple of workarounds that should help: 

  1. Instead of showing the video controls, since videos inserted from a file are automatically synchronized with the slide and controlled by the timeline, you could show the seekbar for that specific slide
  2. Another option is to revert back to a previous build of Storyline. I found that the video controls are responsive in update 36 and 35. 

Thank you again for reaching out and we will be sure to reach out as soon as we have more details to share! 

Katie Riggio

Great news, Peter!

A hotfix for Storyline 360 is ready, and it addresses the issue where learners couldn't click or drag the seekbar on the built-in video controls! 

You can explore the release notes here, and download the latest update with these steps. Thanks for helping us make this improvement!