Timeline less Intuitive and Frustrating to Use after July 28 Update

Aug 17, 2022

Hi E-Learning Heroes,

In the recent update of Storyline 360 the timeline changed drastically, but this change was not mentioned in the Version History or the Feature Roadmap.

If you click anywhere in the timeline now, Storyline will select the object on that row. Even if you click after the gray "End" line Storyline will still select the object on that respective row.

This has to be a bug, and if this change was intentional it should be reverted as soon as possible. If I click in the "white area" of the timeline I don't want to select an object, if I want to select an object I'll click that object. I'll go into detail further below why this change should be reverted:

- If you accidently click above or below the object you want, and the object is not in sight (because you're zoomed in on the timeline) you will "fly" all the way to the right or the left because Storyline 360 wants to show you the object that you selected (which you didn't.... you clicked the white space).
- Often, I click the white space to deselect objects, as most developers most likely do. If you made an incorrect selection the easiest way to have no objects selected is by clicking "white space".
- Dragging the gray "End" line has become very challenging, if you do not click exactly on the gray "End" line. Storyline 360 starts selecting random objects, and worst of all, you might not drag the gray "End" line, you could be dragging objects around that shouldn't be moved at all.
- Other tools do not work like this either, the changes from the most recent months brought Storyline 360 closer to other tools in terms of intuitiveness, but if this change is "intended" then then we have a classic case of "two steps forward, one step back". And I know this sounds harsh, but the April Update was amazing in comparison to what is happening now.

Recently I made a post on how to improve the Playhead. And I am incredibly happy that this change was processed, this was a significant enhancement that made the timeline even more user friendly. This improvement made the timeline more time saving for me and my colleagues. So, let's keep it that way.

I recorded two videos, the first video is the June 21 build of Storyline 360 and the second video is the July 28 build of Storyline 360. You can clearly see the difference, additionally you can also see that a large part of the timeline flashes blue when you select an object in the July 28 build (see the end of the second video).

All-in-all I wanted to make this post to voice my concern over this change. Hopefully this change can be reverted as soon as possible.

Best regards.
Melvin Pluijmaekers

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