Timeline "show until end" NOT WORKING - frustrating

Hey guys,

I'm working on a Narcolepsy E-Learning project, and I'm on page 10/32. In the first 9 pages, this problem has never occurred yet.

I uploaded a picture of the timeline - all the graphics bleed until the end of the timeline. However, when previewing, half of the elements disappear in the last 0.5 seconds.

I right clicked every object and selected "SHOW UNTIL END" and it added the arrowhead on those layers. However...upon previewing again, they still disappear.

It's just really frustrating because it seems like there's a flaw in the export, or something. the timeline is correct, but the export isn't.

Anyone have this problem?

I started the next slide and it's not occurring on slide 11.

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Annie Jean

Hi Mike,

My suggestion would be to make sure that the items disappearing before the end of the slide do not have Exit animations.

I had the same once and noticed that the animation always occurs even though the lenght is set to "Show until end". It then animates to finish at the same time as the timeline.

Hope it is clear... I am in doubt!!

If you need further information, don't hesitate.

Have a nice day!