Timeline Will Not Adjust

I have a SL2 project with several items in the timeline.  Every object in the timeline is set to show until the end of slide.  The status is confirmed by showing a small triangle at the end of each object's timeline.  However, I cannot drag to reduce my overall timeline any shorter than 27.25 secs.  I've right clicked on all of the objects to confirm they are set to show until the end of the timeline.  I did notice on two of the objects, in addition to being set to show until the end of the timeline, the timing menu option was revealed.  I click on this and discovered that the two objects had a specified duration of 27.25 secs... but it's grayed out so I cannot adjust it.  How do I get rid of this fixed duration and have the objects truly act as if they are set to show until the end of the slide?

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Sandra Collins

I had the same issue. I had a bullet list, animated to show one bullet one at a time. I adjusted the start time for each bullet with my audio. The third bullet had a longer timeline for some reason, and I could not adjust it. I right-clicked on that line in the timeline to select Timing from the menu and Timing was not available, even though Show until end and Always show were not selected.

I had to start over with a new text box and it worked.