Timeline trouble since upgrading to SL360!

Apr 11, 2017

Due to issues with confidentiality, I can't upload my story file here, so I apologize, but here goes:

I built a rather complex project using SL2 and have recently converted it to SL360 in order to utilize the HTML5 publishing options. I am experiencing a really strange glitch on one of my slides, however.

Basically, I have a video that plays, and a custom scrubber/seekbar below it. The user can scrub through the slide using Storyline's Player, and the custom seekbar cooperates with it.

The way I have it set up is as follows: a triangle shape moves along a motion path at the same speed as the Storyline timeline. Since Storyline's motion path animations are limited to 59 seconds (would love to see this increased), I have a trigger that says "when [triangle] finishes [motion path 1], move along [motion path 2]. This allows the triangle to move along the length of my timeline at the same speed as the SL Player's seekbar and it works great in SL2.

Now I have converted the file to Storyline 360. For some reason after the shape begins to move on [motion path 2], the audio in my video falls back and becomes out of sync with the video. Then at the end of the timeline, instead of moving to the next slide as my triggers suggest, the timeline is somehow extended! And the triangle begins moving on some OTHER motion path that does not exist, while everything else on the slide completes is exit animation. The timeline seems to be extended a good 50-something seconds, with nothing happening on the slide.

I apologize for the wordiness, this is a bizarre bug that requires some background I suppose. Has anyone had any issues with SL360's animation paths and/or timeline problems that are similar? Any advice?

Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Robert,

So sorry you've run into these issues after upgrading your file to Storyline 360! I completely understand about you not being able to share the file publicly here in the forums, but would you be able to share it privately with our Support Engineers? They keep all files confidential, and they're happy to sign an NDA if you'd like. You can send the file directly to them by clicking here--they're available 24/7 to assist!

Jaidyn Martin

Thanks Alyssa! Unfortunately I signed an NDA myself so I can't send the file over. But I was able to mostly replicate the issue in a new file, which I will upload.

I'd also like to note that this bug:


is exactly what I'm experiencing. Though I am ALSO experience audio issues as a result of the animation paths. Very weird.

Jaidyn Martin

I was able to bypass the glitch by creating an exact copy of the shape and moving it on a different motion path. The intended output is the same, it's just 2 objects on 2 paths instead of 1 object on 2 paths.

It seem that chaining a single object to multiple paths is the source of the glitch. Abel got back to me saying:

Thanks so much for letting us know about this issue. It seems to be happening when the first motion path animation completes and you use the seekbar to move forward/backward. I’ve logged it as a possible software bug.

So maybe one day it will be fixed.

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