Timer on Articulate Storyline 2 Player?

Feb 02, 2016

Hello, I know that in the past a timer on the player of Storyline 2 hasn't been an option. However, I was wondering if even now with the newest update of Storyline 2, is it still not an option?

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Ron Price

Actually, the timer has always been an option.  It is just not as intuitive.  If you insert a result slide in your presentation (you can choose the blank one - and you can even put in a scene you do not intend t use) you check the "end Quiz after option"  Choose whatever time you want and select your format.  This will add a timer to the player for every slide.

I hope that helps

Crystal Horn

Hi Cassidy.  The elapsed time/time remaining display on the player for each slide is not an included feature at this time.  Certainly add your input in the form of a feature request; we are always considering what our customers need.

This older discussion thread has some ideas about using timers on individual slides rather than on the player.  You can post to that discussion with any questions, or even reach the other users directly using the Contact Me option on their profiles.

Thanks for giving us your perspective!

Cassidy Furnari


So I just want to understand this correctly. The elapsed time/ remaining time is a feature on Articulate Presenter correct? I'm just not sure as to why that's not something that can be done in Storyline? The group that I am making this module for has requested a seekbar that has elapsed time/ remaining time on it for each slide, similar to any video or song on the internet and unfortunately I just haven't been able to find a way to do this. All of the slides are different lengths varying from 30 seconds to 4 or 5 minutes so the timer has to be specific per slide, which is why the feature on Presenter would be perfect except for unfortunately I am working with Storyline 2.  

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Cassidy!

The duration of a specific slide or the entire course can vary depending upon the amount of interactivity, layers, complex branching scenarios, and more that are present.  Thus, it's very difficult to calculate it.  

As Crystal mentioned, you are welcome to submit a feature request.

Many users find a progress bar to be helpful and I invite you to check out these threads:

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