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Nov 11, 2015



Unsuccessful with an elusive solution to sync timing of base slide with layers, video.

Interaction goal

User clicks the box/term on the conveyor to see the definition, has time to review the details adn return to repeat and select the next box /term open the layer etc.


Pausing and starting both the slide timeline and video to keep in them sync, user sees the detail corresponding to the box on the belt.

As always, your help and expertise is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance 




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cleon,

Thanks for sharing a link here and a copy of the file. Just an FYI the link is missing the l at the end of story.html. 

I don't think it's about showing the next item, but that there isn't enough time for the items to really appear before the user clicks, and since you've set it up to be based on hotspots appearing on the timeline - that's playing a part. For example if I wait for Anesthesia to get close enough to click, 3 seconds has passed and I'm actually clicking on Adhesion. 

Perhaps others in the community can take a look and share some thoughts or ideas on ways to work with this set up and offer additional design expertise, but it is working as expected. 

Cleon McClure

Thanks Ashley,


Good AND bad news- working as expected ;-)!!!  

I would greatly appreciate any alternatives to syncing the video with the objects in the timeline.. The goal for this interaction:  user clicks the box, pause both the video adn the timeline, reviews the detail definition, then returns to resume the timeline AND the video, still in sync.. 





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