Timing is off when playing project on a projector

Jul 06, 2015

Hello Community,

Over the past couple of months I have noticed that when I play a published project on a projector, the timing of the animations is not in sync with the audio ... while when I play the same published file on my computer on or the LMS, the timing is right.

Do you know why this is happening and how I can fix that?

The courses that I create are for a large audience who will, in some cases, sit together in a classroom to watch the course. This issue could be a major drawback to the effectiveness of the course.

Any inputs/ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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Terry Coe


Are you connecting the computer to to projector directly or are you using a network to get the project to the projector?

I have noticed that when i use a network to stream a project, the timeline gets skewed slightly.

if you are directly connecting, how?

Using a VGA to the projector and sound cords to the speakers separately could cause a delay in the audio or the video. I try to use a HDMI connection when I can, to avoid the lag, then use the projectors audio connections to connect to the speakers.

Hope I helped! 

Sophie Victoria

Thanks for the quick reply, Terry. My apologies for the incorrect information, but in fact I am not connecting the laptop to a projector directly, but rather using a wire that connects to another (bigger) screen. It is duplicating (or extending) my laptop screen to that projected screen.

Does that make any difference to what you are suggesting?

Terry Coe


It sounds more and more like the laptop graphics card is working being overworked. Most laptops GPU's (Graphics Processing Unit) is only powerful enough for the resolution on the laptop screen. the bigger the screen added the more it has to work to display properly. on the busier slides, the task of displaying the visual effect and audio effects are too much for the GPU 

you might think about using a networked pc to run the larger screen only. by doing that you will be focusing on one screen only and it should fix the issue.

Hope i helped.

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