TinCan course plays online, but not when downloaded.

Apr 06, 2020

We have a client on our LMS that has a particular course that for some reason will not play when downloaded. They have published it for TinCan and the course plays in the LMS normally, but when you download it to their device, it doesn't play. This is when they are still connected to internet.


Any thoughts? There was nothing in the course build that should conflict with playing.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Andrew!

I'm happy to help!

Since the course is not playing on the mobile device, I'll need to grab a few more details!

  • Are you viewing the course on a specific device and browser? 
  • Have you tried publishing the course for web and viewing the course outside of the LMS? 
    • One way to do this is by uploading the .zip folder to Tempshare to generate a quick web address.
  • Which version of Storyline was the course created in? 

After receiving these details, we should be able to nail down the issue! Let me know if you have any questions!

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