TinCan suspending data question

Dec 11, 2014

Hey all,

We are having trouble suspending data with our TinCan courses. The courses don't show up as completed, and the variables don't seem to be readable by a human eye, within the database.

Does anyone have any tips to a way around this? Our development team informed us that we no longer can use SCORM1.2, has something to do with communicating with our cloudfront server(host of our courses).

I'v done several tests, with results slides triggering completion or, x out of x pages viewed. Nothing seems to trigger a completion flag in the database.

Help! :)

Thanks in advance,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bob,

The suspend data that Storyline sends isn't human readable as shown here. There is some additional information here about publishing with Tin Can, and both of those tracking methods are an option - but it'll also depend on your LMS.

Have you tested this outside of your LMS, in SCORM Cloud for example? Also, you may want to turn on LMS debug mode to see when information is being communicated back and forth. 

Bob Kaart

Let me explain how we are currently hosting our files.

The content is sitting on CDN server(cloudfront), as we use our courses internationally.

We then use a moodle platform to load in the courses. We only upload the tincan.xml, zipped up, which inside contains a launch URL to the exact location on the CDN.

So it's not a bundled up package on 1 server, it's redirecting it.

We switched to Tincan from SCORM1.2 since it allowed communication between the CDN and the moodle server.

In storyline 1 we were able to get completion flags, but since the coming of SL2, we no longer get any data.

Bob Kaart

Straight from the tincan.xml

<activity id="testproject_00_04" type="course">

<name lang="und">TestProject_04_withoutInput</name>
<description lang="und" />
<launch lang="und">http://ourserverinfo.s3.amazonaws.com/project/test_04/story.html</launch>
<activity id="5V9qtzXzWIu" type="objective">
<name lang="und">TestProject_04_withoutInput</name>
<description lang="und">TestProject_04_withoutInput</description>

Niels van Drimmelen

So if I understand you correctly, Moodle reads the locally stored tincan.xml file for the launch parameter and redirects to this url? Does Moodle only redirect to this url? Or does Moodle also add querystring parameters to the redirect url?

The Storyline package needs additonal information on launch to know how to talk to the LRS.

Perhaps this document will be helpful to you. Also have a look at this document.

Andrew Downes

Hi Bob, 

What Moodle plugin are you using to launch your content? This one in the plugins directory does not require you to upload the tincan.xml but you simply configure the launch URL and other parameters in the activity settings. This will build the launch URL based on the current logged in user; if you add the querystring parameters in the xml file they'll presumably be the same for every user, so not ideal. 

Another thing to check is to open the developer tools on your browser and go to the network tab. See if you get any errors there when running the course. 


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