Tip: for if a slide with a "Reset results" trigger isn't displaying

Jan 27, 2015

I wanted to share a solution to a problem I ran into recently while working on a Storyline 2 course. The course had a series of quizzes. Each one had an introduction screen where you clicked a button to start the quiz. Because the person taking the quiz was able to quit part way through and return to try again at another time, the results needed to reset any time someone started a quiz.

A "Reset results" trigger was set to fire on "Timeline start" on the introduction screens. When the course was published and viewed in HTML5 (on an iPad or through a web browser)  the introduction screens did not load properly. They were blank/white with nothing visible except the "Resources" tab in the player.

Note: The player was purposely disabled for this course. The Resources tab was the only part of it that was being used.

The solution was to remove the "Reset results" trigger from the introduction slides and create a new, brief slide between the introduction slides and the first question slide of each quiz. There were two triggers on these new slides. The first was the "Reset results" trigger which fired on "Timeline start." The second trigger was a "Jump to slide" that jumped to the first question slide on "Timeline end." The result was a brief moment of white between the introduction and first question slides, but the trigger appears to have reset the results and moved on correctly.

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