TO: Jeanette. Visited State Update

Jul 10, 2012

Ok, so when I click states, i should see the ones u named. But I only c normal. :(

But when I click the drop down menu, I see them all.

What should I do next?? 

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Jeanette Brooks

Regarding triggers for the visited state: What's really cool is, you don't need to create a trigger for making the shape appear in its visited state... it just works automatically. Since Visited is one of Storyline's built-in states, Storyline just knows to display the object in its visited state once the learner clicks on it.

You also asked about how to use triggers to change a character's pose. Below is a quick look at how I did that, and the file's attached in case you'd like to take a look.

Michelle Mace

Jeanette:  You instructions on changing states above was VERY helpful.  One question:  When I choose the visited state, I'm getting a blue shimmer / shadow around the outside of the object to which it is applied.  I've attached a screen capture.  The first area, What is Health," shows the shadow.  I noticed in your tutorial that you don't have that effect.  Can you tell me how to eliminate that effect?  Thank you!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Michelle,

Looks like you might need to modify the visited state to remove the glow effect. You can do that like this:

  1. Select the shape.
  2. Click the States panel below your slide.
  3. Double-click the Visited state (this allows you to edit that state).
  4. With the shape still selected, go to the Format tab and select Shape Effects > Glow > No Glow. 
  5. Finally, on the States panel, click "Done editing States."

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