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Jun 07, 2012

Have I told you all how grateful I am to be part of this awesome community? You all ROCK!

Here's where I need more of your expertise...I want my learners to be able to use the TOC Menu items to navigate through the course if desired. I have looked everywhere I can think of and just can't get it to work. I made sure I have free navigation set up, but nothing happens when I click on any menu item...what am I missing?

Your humble Storyline newbie...


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Nancy Woinoski

Setting the navigation restriction to free should do the trick. If you have not set up any special player settings, you might want to try resetting the defaults. You can do this under the Current Player tab in the Player Properties.

Just out of curiosity how are you testing the navigation? - are you previewing the entire project or just a slide?

Shari Hanlon

Hi, Nancy!

I am previewing the entire project...learned that one the hard way.

I played with it more, and I think the problem is that I deleted the slide numbers/labels from the TOC, as I don't want them to show. I only want the scene labels to show. If I leave the slide labels in place, then navigation works. If I remove them and leave only the scene labels, navigation doesn't work.

Is it possible that I'm trying to do something that just doesn't work in Storyline? Say it ain't so! I want a cleaner, simpler TOC that allows navigation...that's not crazy, right? LOL! It must be something I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for your response, Nancy...and let me know if you have any other ideas. I appreciate it!


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Shari - I think I know what you are trying to do but just let me recap to make sure that my understanding is correct.

You have a TOC with a number of different scenes and each of these scenes has a number of slides associated with them. You deleted the slides in the TOC and just have the Scene titles displayed. Your expectation is that the user should be able to click on the scene title and go to the first slide in the scene.

Is this correct?

If yes, you can't get this to work the way you are doing it right now, but here is what you can do to get the same basic result.

1. Go into the menu option under the player settings and add in the first slide in each of the scenes. You can do this by clicking the file folder icon and then selecting the slides.  Edit the slide names so that the first slide in each scene is the same as the scene name.

2. Now delete the scene titles.

As for slide numbers - you don't have to delete them. They will not display in the menu if you go to the Menu settings (the little wheel icon) and uncheck the option "Number entries in the menu automatically"

Steve Lyne

Hi Nancy,

Having said all there a way to keep the division lines that now appear between scenes? I want each item in the menu to be navigable but also want to keep the section lines.  I expect this is not possible and have sent a feature request through.  It is simply too confusing for users that some items navigate and others don't.  The idea of having scene titles and the ability to add headings is fantatstic, but they need to be active.


Nancy Woinoski

Hi Steve, the only way to keep the division lines is to keep the scene titles, but then you run into the problem that the scene titles are not clickable.  Having non-clickable scene titles would not be so bad if it was obvious they were just section titles but since there is no obvious distinction, I usually remove them and live without the division lines.

The overall menu design could use a real re-think in my humble opinion.

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