Is it possible to have the TOC menu auto-hide in Storyline?

Nov 08, 2012

I need to know if it is possible in Storyline to have the TOC menu hidden until the user rolls over a region or clicks to show the menu?

I nee all the real estate that I have for content but it would be great to use the menu for overall navigation.

Thanks so much.

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Nancy Woinoski

Yes, click the player tab. You will see that the menu currently displays in the sidebar. Try moving it up so that it is in Topbar Left or Topbar Right.

This removes the menu from the side panel creates a menu tab at the top of your course - it is closed by default and will expand only when the user clicks on the tab.

Hope this helps.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Peter - one thing you can do is change the story size to make the screen wider. To do this click the Design tab on the Storyline Ribbon at the top and select the Story Size icon at the left. You can set the size to anything you want here.

I usually do this before creating any content so am not exactly sure what the results will be if you try to resize an existing project. I might save a back up copy of your file before making the adjustments just in case content does not scale propoerly when you change the story size.

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