Toggling between states in Storyline

Jan 04, 2013

Hi there,

I'm sure there is an easy way to do this but I'm having trouble figuring it out!  I have a slide with acronyms and I want the user to be able to click on each acronym to expand on it, and then click again to reduce it, back and forth as much as they want.  I've created two states for the acronym - normal (abbreviated) and expanded.

so for example, if the acronym is 'NAD' and you click on it it becomes 'No Abnormalities Detected'.

I built the code as follows:

Change state of 'NAD' to Expanded when the user clicks.

Works just fine.  Now how do I allow the user to click on it again to return it to normal state?

I tried adding a similar instruction with conditions, ie:

Change state of 'NAD' to Expanded when the user clicks, if the state of 'NAD' is normal.

Change state of 'NAD' to Normal when the user clicks, if the state of 'NAD' is expanded.

However this didn't work at all.  So I changed the order of the two instructions and then it allowed expansion but wouldn't return to normal when clicking again.

Any suggestions how to make this work?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Hillel!

I'd love to step in! Have you added conditions to the triggers?

I've tested this out on my end, and I didn't run into any snags. I started by setting a button to hidden as the initial state. Here are the two triggers I added. 

If you have something different in mind, let me know! I'm happy to test it out on my end! 

Hillel Rudolph


Thank you for the clarification! I get it - the trigger panel reads the triggers as a list and not simultaneously. So here is what I came up with if anyone else has this issue. It's pretty simple.

I created Variable1 as True/False and set it to be False (although it doesn't matter).

When the user clicks Oval1, the first trigger toggles Variable1 changing its value. 

Only one of the next two triggers will take place, depending on the value of Variable1 i.e. the state of the TextBox6 will be determined by the value of Variable1. 

Since Variable1 will change every time Oval1 is clicked, TextBox6 will toggle between the two states. 

Thanks again for your help!


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