Toggling sidebar on and off?

May 22, 2014

When I used to work in Articulate Studio (09?) there was a player option that allowed the user to toggle the sidebar on or off.  I'm not seeing this in Storyline.  Am I missing it?  Is there some other way to do this?

We need to give busy medical residents options for viewing - like turning the audio off (easy to do this) and reading the notes in the sidebar (easy also).  However, my client would like the resident to also be able to hide the sidebar if it is distracting.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

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Lisa Ferris

Thanks, Ashley.  Hmmm...I tried the menu before at the top right, without a sidebar, and it didn't behave consistently.  Menu items were not active, but then I might have done something incorrect when I set it up.  I'll try it again.  And I'll add the notes section at the top and see if that can substitute.  I appreciate the help!

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