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Jan 12, 2013

Hi, I have been playing around with the top menu for the last few months, and I find it frustrating because I have to manually design the top menu in order to make it work on iPad. 

Usually we would do as the picture shows

but the top menu would not be shown on iPad. 

Therefore, i had to manually add top menu on every slide.

This is ok for a small course, however, if a course gets large in terms of the contents. I will have to add new buttons to the top menu, and it gets tedious when I have to manually add a button to the top menu, then copy, paste to every other slide....

I'm wondering if Articulate can please resolve this top menu issue in order to make it work on iPad perfectly.

I have also provided the file for testing. When you publish this file, and view it on iPad, you will only see the top menu added by me.


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Bruce Graham

Yes - very frustrating, and would also love this to be available.

Can Articulate say whether there is a technical reason why this has not been implemented, or just not something that has been made available yet?

Practical example where this hits me is where the whole corporation is using the "Top Right Navigation" or "Resources" options for PC-based courses, and there is not way to get this to the iPad users.



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