Totalling scores in a Survey

Jul 03, 2017


I have created a survey in Articulate 360 and used variables to calculate a score at the end.  All is working fine, unless someone chooses one answer then changes their mind for that question and chooses another answer.  The score from the first choice then adds to the score along with the second choice, so when the total is calculated at the end of the survey, it is incorrect.

Is there any way to deal with this so that the incorrect score is removed?

I have attached the file in the hope that someone has a simple workaround that I am missing.





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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kay

i can see what's happening. I would set the value when the user clicks the next button instead of when they click the radio button - that will remove the 'change my mind' issue and you won't have to add more triggers that subtract values.

So an example trigger would be

Set Resp1 = 1 when users clicks next button on condition that Radio button 1 = selected.

Set Resp1 = 2 when user clicks next button on condition that Radio button 2 = selected

briana rhinehart

Hello M'Wendy! Im Brie, I know its been a while since answering this however I have recently ran into the same issue M'Kay with scoring my survey results. I have followed everything up into adjusting the trigger order but my results aren't totaling. do you think you be able to help with that? 

Thank you,

Jose Tansengco

Hi Briana, 

Happy to step in! 

I took a look at your project file and saw that you weren't using any variable references on Slide 1.5 to properly display the values of your variables. With variable references on your slide, it should look something like this: 

On top of adding variable references to Slide 1.5, I'd also recommend revisiting the triggers that are responsible for adding values to your variables to make sure that they are correctly adding the sum of the survey points. 

Let me know if you have any questions!