True/False Quiz Advancing to Next Slide

Nov 24, 2014

I have a short quiz at the end of the scene I am working on, and I am using a multiple response slide and true/false slides.  I want both slides to respond in a similar way, in that the learner chooses the answer and then clicks submit before the correct/incorrect response is shown. The multiple response slide does this, but the true/false slide gives a correct/incorrect response as soon as one chooses an answer, and then advances to the next slide when I click "continue." 

I have been playing with this for awhile, and can't get it to do what I want with different triggers.  Would a solution to this need to be the inserting of a variable?  I have only been using Storyline for a couple of weeks.  Thanks in advance for any insight available.

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Sarah Greywitt

Hi  Wendy:
Thanks for your response.  After some trial and error and watching a variables training video, I figured it out. 

To answer your question, yes, the correct/incorrect layers were there.  The default is that the correct/incorrect displays as soon as you choose an answer.  I was trying to allow the learner to choose an answer, then click submit before knowing if it was correct/incorrect.  I don't know if there is a simpler way to do this, but I created variables for these quiz slides and it seemed to work.  I think I did need a variable because I needed to have the slide display the correct or incorrect slide after clicking "submit" based on whether the learner chose button one or button two.  Also, yes, I was using the SL submit button, not one that I created.

Thanks for responding, Wendy.  If you know of a simpler way to do this besides having to use a variable, I would love to know.

Sarah Greywitt

Hmm.  I just took a look at a new T/F slide to check what you were saying.  The slides are not giving an answer until I press submit.

For some reason, the T/F slides I was working from yesterday were such that as soon as I clicked the radio button, the correct or incorrect slide layers appeared immediately, then I pressed continue from there, and onto the next slide.  I changed them, though, to the variable concoction I came up with yesterday, but is totally not needed. I am not sure how they ended up the way they were; should I assume I did that?

I would be happy to show you the slide, but at this point, there isn't really anything to show because I changed the slides.  I can probably re-create the T/F slide to do what it was doing yesterday, but that doesn't seem useful.

Let me know if you still want to see anything.  Thanks for your help and information.

Emily Ruby

Hello Sarah.

Thanks for the update. I just wanted to see if there was something changed on the slide to make the default set up not work properly. Importing the question text to a new T/F slide would have been my next suggestion. However, if your variables are working, you should be good to go.

Let us know if you need anything further!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

I have created a T/F question slide in both SL1 and SL2 and both times the default behaviour is you select a radio button and nothing happens till you click the SUBMIT button...very odd that you are not seeing this and a bugger that you have to add variables to make it work


Sarah Greywitt

Hi Wendy:
Thanks for doing this.  Yes, I realized in conversation with Emily that the slide does default this way--the way I created a variable for.  I tested a new slide and it was doing exactly that.

For some reason, the T/F question slides that I was working with in the presentation, that I had inserted into the scene a couple days earlier, were not behaving this way.  This caused me to think that this was the default function, until I inserted a new T/F question slide and realized that it was doing what I was going for.  Still not sure why the slides in my presentation were not behaving the default way, but it is all sorted out now.  At least now I know how they are supposed to work, so if this happens again, I will insert a new slide.

Thanks again for taking the time to help. 

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