Track Learner Data from a Web-Based Course?

Jul 02, 2019

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but using Storyline 3, is there any way to track learner data when you must deploy via the web? If so, how should the course be published (what settings) and what mechanism is used to "pull" the data for reporting? (We usually publish to LMS but have a product that must be available to a wider audience than usual, many of whom will not have or be allowed to have access to our LMS.)

Thank you for any guidance or sharing you can give!


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Brian Allen

While I know it's not ideal in this situation, your LMS is still your best option. If this were my project I'd be tempted to still roll it out via LMS to the portion of my audience that has access there, then treat everyone else as the exception.

Here's a quick article on available options for tracking -

It used to be possible to track variables from Storyline in Google Docs, but I'm not sure that functionality still exists... something makes me think that Google changed something on their side and this no longer works, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

Brian Allen

I'm going to bookmark the Google docs primer if Phil is able to find it. I looked for it but couldn't find anything current.

If you go with something like Google Docs just keep in mind that all your data being stored will be in the public domain. While this is ok for many some of us work in environments where our learner data cannot be stored in that way.

Miriam Larson

You make an important point, Brian. Security may be an issue. In looking at the article you suggested, one of the options was custom tracking solutions. I would be interested to know what that might consist of (programming languages? type of interface? Javascript within Storyline? etc.). I'm pretty clueless about this sort of thing but never afraid to tackle it if the information is out there somewhere! :)

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