Track only some particular slides

Hi there,

Let's say I have a course with 5 slides. I want to make sure that students view slides 1-2, and 5.

They are allowed to skip slides 3 and 4.

How can I track course progress only for the needed three?

Setting"Track using number of slides viewed:" to 3, does not help, as this will mean that student can see slides 1-3, miss slide number 5, and their course will still be marked as Complete.

I do not have any quizzes in the course.

Thank you!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Elena,

You won't be able to track by specific slides, if they are not results slides. However, what you could do is make that 5th slide a "faux" results slide and track it. 

Here's an article that explains how to do this:

How to submit course completion to an LMS on a specific slide

I hope this helps! :)

Tessa Maki

I'm in the exact same boat, Elena!

I just posted a question a bit ago wondering if there's any way to mark a slide as viewed (even if it wasn't) using variables. It seems like there must be a True/False variable behind the scenes that tracks whether a slide has been viewed. And if so, I would think this variable should be able to be adjusted by a trigger other than the slide actually being visited. For example, when the timeline of your slide #5 starts, it could trigger the variables for slide 3 and 4 to change to indicate that they had been viewed (even if they hadn't been). This would get me the result I need, but perhaps this concept wouldn't work for you. I'll keep you posted if I hear anything that seems like it may work for you.

Mike Taylor

Hi guys! Here is a quick example of what I think might work for you.  I've attached an example that uses a simple True/False variable for each of the slides that are required to be visited.  There is a trigger that sets them to "True" when the timeline for the slide starts.

Then the last slide is actually a Freeform Pick One set to automatically select the correct answer if all the required slides have been visited and the incorrect answer if any of them have been skipped.  Then that is automatically submitted when the timeline for the slide ends. Note that you can just move those objects off screen. I just left them in so you can see what's happening with it.

Is something like that what you are wanting to do?