Track results more precisely in AICC-published Storyline course

Sep 16, 2013

We recently purchased Storyline and are preparing courses for our current LMS, which is BizLibrary. Having the assessment built into the course is a new method for us. 

I created the first test course and set it up to allow learners to repeat the quiz once. After publishing in AICC format, everything is working as I intended; however, our Compliance person sent me this message today:

[Good news…the passing scores carry into the Biz reports so I know when someone completes/passes the course and what grade they received.

Bad news…our new procedures contain steps to be taken if an employee fails a quiz twice, and then a third time.  However, when someone fails an articulate course, I can only see the status as “in progress” which is the same status as if they didn’t even get through the course.  I can find a score, but I do not know if it is a first, second, third, fourth, etc attempt. 

Also, currently, they are not allowed a third attempt at all, and I noticed that the storyline course limits the user to two attempts also, but only per session.  If the user exits the course, goes back in and starts all over again, it allows two more attempts.]

There are really two issues here. I would appreciate help with both. Thanks!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Norma! If you need your course to report an attempt as 'failed', then you need to check your LMS Reporting setting (check out this tutorial). You want the setting to either be 'Passed/Failed' or 'Completed/Failed'. If you have this set up like this currently, then you can test your content in SCORM Cloud or enable the LMS Debug Mode to see what Storyline is sending. Second issue, you can control the number of attempts (per session) in Storyline, but Storyline cannot control if a user exits the course and re-starts. This is an LMS function and you would need to ask them how to configure this.

Norma Miller

Thank you for the reply, Leslie. For my second issue, I had a feeling that would have to be handled somehow in the LMS. I'll keep working on that.

As for the first issue, I will review the tutorial; however, this is published as AICC, so maybe there's a similar way to test content as there is for SCORM?

Anyway, I will look into both of these issues a bit further, and let you know if I have further questions.

Once again, many thanks!


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