Tracking Activity Completion with a SCORM File

Oct 27, 2023



We are a small start-up just getting into course development and SCORM file compatibility. 

I am wondering how you track, and subsequently generate a report of learners within a course who complete a certain activity within a SCORM file...i.e. a Quiz or Certificate of completion. From my understanding, a SCORM file is a self-contained package, so how do you set up tracking and reporting as users go through and complete different elements. I assume this can tie into an advanced LMS pretty easily, but what if we are using an LMS that just lets you import SCORM files with limited tracking capabilities? Any inexpensive/innovative work arounds?


For reference, we use Storyline 360 for course development.

Thank you for any and all suggestions!

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Kelly Auner

Hi, Joe!

Thanks for reaching out!

I'm happy to help provide some insight on tracking and reporting data. To track course data, you'll want to select the option to publish for LMS distribution. Once the course is uploaded to your LMS, Storyline will report the data included in this article:

I can't speak to pricing on LMS options, but hopefully, others in our E-Learning Heroes community may have some knowledge to share!