Tin Can course completion problem

Sep 18, 2020

I have a series of Storyline modules that are deployed in a course (LearnDash LMS). I am using the LMS output option in Storyline. I don't need specific reporting and tracking so for the TinCan tracking I have it set to just mark the activity as complete when a minimum number of slides have been viewed (1 of 48).

I inserted this activity into my LearnDash Course with Uncanny Owl's TinCanny tool. When a student gets to the end of the activity and clicks on a button to launch them into the next course activity, they get a dialogue box that pops up and says: "Please go back and complete the previous lesson." even though it should have been marked as complete. I have tried adjusting all the LearnDash settings I can find for the course and the Topic module, but it still seems to do this every time. I have also tried having the completion be associated with a completion trigger for the course exit button and that had no effect either. I have previously published this course and it was working fine and this just started recently. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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