Storyline 360/LearnDash LMS/Grassblade xAPI Question

Apr 01, 2019

I have Tin Can content built with Storyline 360. I uploaded it to a TOPIC page in my LearnDash LMS using GrassBlade xAPI Companion which means the LearnDash 'Mark Complete' button has disappeared (which I am fine with as I don't want it on the screen).

In the final slide of the Storyline content I have a button with the following trigger: Complete Course - Completed/Passed when user clicks button.

After testing this topic, running through the entire Storyline Tin Can content in the LMS, and then clicking the button to 'complete the course', LearnDash LMS is not showing the TOPIC as complete on the course and lesson pages and in the course navigation. What do I need to do differently with my Storyline Tin Can content so that it communicates correctly with LearnDash when the user completes the topic?

I've also asked this question in the LearnDash support forum as I'm not sure if it is an LD, Storyline 360, or Grassblade issue.

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Starla. Happy to help investigate this completion issue!

The best way to pinpoint the cause of this behavior is to see how the published file works in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud, an industry-standard testing engine. Although 'SCORM' is in its name, you can use it to test Tin Can API content.

With your permission, I can take a closer look at your .story file and will delete it when we sort what's happening. You can share it publicly in our discussion here, or send it to me privately by using this upload link

Starla West

Katie, I apologize for my delayed response. I thought I had it all figured out but I confirmed this morning I don't so I would love to take you up on your offer.

I published two files to test with my LMS (LearnDash):

1. The first file was set up to track using quiz results. The submit results slide is 2.1.

When I tested this file in LearnDash, after completing the full lesson, it was NOT marked complete; however, my LRS (GrassBlade) captured all the data INCLUDING the learner's answers & essay responses.

2. The second file was set up to track using course complete trigger. The course complete trigger is on slide 2.8.

When I tested this file in LearnDash, after completing the full lesson, it WAS marked complete; however, the LRS did not capture any of the learner's answers & essay responses. 

I am checking in with them to see if they might be able to provide some insight, as well, but in the meantime, if we can troubleshoot via SCORM Cloud, I think that might be a good idea.

I uploaded the file below. Thank you so much for your help!


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