Tracking and Reporting


I am facing an issue with reporting. We created some assessments (Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Fill in and Text Entry). The assessments consists of both types of grading -  automatic grading and manual grading. The LMS which we are using is Schoology.

When I am viewing the reports in Schoology, the description field is not populating the entire question. Same goes for the correct response as well. We want the description field to contain only the Question Number. Is there any way to achieve this in the reporting?

Also, when we publish the file in SCORM 1.2, the description field in report is not populated at all.  I am attaching the screenshots for both the scenarios. Any help on this will be much appreciated.




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Emily Ruby

Hello Abhishek,

Welcome to the community. I do not see the attachments posted. You may want to test this course in the SCORM Cloud to see how it is being reported there. If you need to have something different from the Cloud results, you will need to check with your LMS team for a way to achieve this. 

Emily Ruby

Hello Abhishek,

When you add attachments from email, they will not show up here. you will need to use the add attachment button in the post directly. Also, if you need the behavior to be different that what is showing in the SCORM Cloud, you would need to check with your LMS to see if they can make any changes from their end.