Tracking .html5 views

I am tracking the views of my published articulate Storyline training modules using google analytics. My stats are listing two entries for the latest module I posted, one URL ends with story_html5.html and the other ends with story.html. Does the URL ending in html5 indicate views from an ipad as opposed to a desktop computer? I am really interested in knowing the breakdown of views from a computer vs. ipad.

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Michael Hinze

Stats on 'story_html5.html' indicate that content was viewed in an HTML5-compatible browser. This may be an iOS device, Android device OR an HTML5-compatible desktop browser. Also, if you selected the 'Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad' publishing option, you would see stats on 'ioslaunch.html' when running content on an iPad, using the Mobile Player app. The Mobile Player also has an "Available Offline" that downloads content, so I would think that any subsequent views of this offline content would not show up in your stats.