Tracking multiple survey questions on one slide?

Dec 11, 2012

I recently built a survey within Storyline with 3 questions per slide. I then tested the survey within our LMS (Saba) and when I tried to get the report for the survey responses, I was only able to see the answer to the first question of each slide. Having only 1 question per slide will be a big waste of space, not to mention that there are 96 questions to my survey!

I'd like to know if there is any way to have more than one trackable survey question on one slide. Is there a workaround that I haven't thought of?


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Jennifer Wilkinson

Many thanks - my case number is 02605468.

I have read a number of threads that talk around this sort of subject, but because I want to hide the slides that are the actual LMS tracked questions, it doesn't seem as if the answers are tracked - probably because the trigger that submits the answer is tied to when the timeline starts on the particular hidden slides!

Fingers crossed there is an answer to this as it keeps coming up.

Many thanks!