Tracking number of slides and reporting quiz results

Nov 14, 2017

My client want to report results and answers from a 40 question pre-assessment to the LMS (Saba cloud) so she can see what questions/concepts students are weak on prior to a follow-up ILT session. However, she doesn't want completion of this pre-assessment based on the score. She just wants students to answer all the questions. So, I've set completion based on number of slides viewed. Is there a way to track completion based on number of slides viewed and also report the results of the assessment questions to the LMS? In testing so far we get completion but the results aren't reporting.

Thanks for the help!

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Brian Allen

Hello Katy,

You'll still want to include a results slide, and base completion on that result slide.

To avoid a score just set the passing % for the result slide to 0%.

When publishing choose "Completed/Incomplete" under the Reporting tab.

Let me know if this gets you going in the right direction or if you need a little more detail!

Erika Johnson

Hi there - I'd love to know if anyone found a resolution on this! I also have a course that I have set to track completion based on number of slides viewed, but I'd like to be able to report on the answers to the quiz questions. There is no results slide. have published this in SCORM 2004 but waiting for my report guru to get back to me on whether the data was reportable or not.

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