Tracking questions while using an "assembly" result slide

Aug 05, 2016

I have created a Storyline 2 course consisting of 5 chapters that all end with a small quiz, in which the user must score at least 75% to pass.

To pass the whole course the user has to pass all 5 quizzes.

Each quiz is made from a number of quiz slides plus a results slide where the pass percent is 75.

I have made a 6. result slide that sums up the other 5 result slides using "Calculate results for Selected results slides" with the setting "User must pass each quiz". This slide is set in the tracking options "Track using quiz result, Result slide to report".

This matches everything mentioned above, but the customer would like to track SCORM Interactions for all 5 quizzes - this is essential for evaluating the course regularly (which questions has the highest fail rate etc.).

But it seems that only the 6. result slide participate in the tracking, as no other data than completion and success status i tracked.

If I (as a test - not as a solution) use one of the other 5 quiz results slides as the "Result slide to report", Interactions are tracked for the quiz, but of course the completion and succes of the course will be based just on the one quiz (and none of the other quizzes will be tracked in any way).

I cannot combine all 5 quizzes into one result slide, as it is required that each quiz is completed with at least 75% to pass.

Is there a way to use the "assembly" result slide method for course completion/success, and still have other results slides quiz data tracked?

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