Tracking test-out Qs within LMS

Sep 27, 2019

I'm attempting to track the results of users' rate of passing the test-out option I provide to them at the start of the course. For example, a user begins the course with test-out option. There are 4 Qs. To pass the test-out, a user has to pass all 4 questions (100%). If a user fails the test-out, they are directed to a new scene (training itself with it's own results slide).

Ideally...I need the know the following information for evaluation purposes and not sure it's a limitation of a new LMS we are using or my Storyline project that just isn't reporting the data to the LMS:

1) How many users passed the test-out (100%)? Inversely, how many failed and to what extent did they fail (ex. 2/4 correct, 3/4 correct, 0/4 correct, etc.).

2) If user fails the test-out, I need to track which Qs were missed as well as which responses they chose within the missed Qs? 

Given that I provide two "completion" exit points (one in the opening course scene if they pass the test-out and another set at the very end of another scene for users who initially failed the test-out option and weren't provided the 1st "completion" exit point), I wonder if something is causing my report to be nill. 

So this is how I set up the publishing: I select tracking as "complete course trigger" because that's the only way the LMS is indicating a "complete module" has occurred for users to allow them to move on to the next module. In other words, If I set up the tracking as "track by quiz result", the LMS is not recognizing it. Any assistance is much appreciative. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Trey!

Thanks for providing your course! Looks incredible!

Which LMS are you using and what is the LMS published output? Storyline support AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Tin Can API (xAPI) standards. You can choose any of these to track both completion and success in your LMS. However, each LMS can interpret statuses differently, and some standards are better at producing consistent results.

Having two quizzes can affect the way the LMS reports question data. Is there a way that you could add a results slide in place of the completion trigger?

Trey Leech

Oh cool, thanks. Ability LMS is what we're using. I'm sending a SCORM 1.2. It does support AICC but nothing else. I can also publish it as html yet with both AICC and html, we can't get the LMS to recognize it.

So with the Results slide, that's an issue where the LMS is only recognizing the "test out" option. For folks that don't test out, I have to create a 2nd way to leave the course which is why I can't figure out how to do this. LOL.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Trey!

I see what you're saying! As of now, an LMS will only track the progress of one Results slide in a quiz course. You can have multiple quizzes and multiple results slides in the same course, but an LMS will only report one.

Although this isn't a set feature, there are a ton of workarounds explained in the community. I am going to attach a few discussions that have great tips!

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