Tracking time spent on Storyline-built quiz, in Moodle

Hi all

First time posting on here

I've seen on previous posts that Storyline isn't able to report time spent-per-slide data to the LMS but I just wondered if there was any way that I could send the total time spent on a quiz to the Moodle gradebook?

Or would this be a Moodle issue?

Thanks in advance for any help



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Stuart and welcome to Heroes!

It's typically something that would be handled by the LMS (if they have that feature) and I know that we have a number of Moodle users here, so hopefully they'll be able to weigh in on that specific feature. Otherwise, you may also want to connect with your Moodle team to confirm.

Dan Marsden

The SCORM data model does allow for time spent information to be recorded via the parameter "cmi.core.session_time" but I don't think we expose that in a nice report in Moodle - it should show on the full user details report that displays all the tracking data but may not show anywhere else (I think we display the start and finish time detail in some of the reports though)

Stuart Parkin

Thanks Dan - I will pass that onto the Moodle admin people here and see what they can do. From posting on Moodle forums, there seems to be a possibility in getting the data doing some modifications and using Tin Can... but again I've passed that on to people who understand that side of it a lot more than I do, and have the rights to play around with it on our test Moodle server.

I will definitely post any joy (or not) that we have.

Thanks again for your help