Tracking visited pages across multiple pages with buttons?

Aug 20, 2012

Good morning forum,

I have set up my first project in storyline and have buttons that track visited pages. I have a launch page for many items. Each item page has copies of those buttons in a menu style so that you don't have to return to the launch page, you can continue to view all of the items from any of those pages. Once I publish it, it tracks visited pages from the page that the item was navigated from but the new page doesn't show that the other pages have been visited. Is there any way to track visited pages across multiple pages? Hope this is clear but if not I'll try to explain better if requested. Thanks everyone for all your great input and help.

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Brandy Rainwater

Here is an example: from the flare launch screen you can see that I have visited S-301A flare, the 128-FA flare and the S-660 flare. From the S-660 flare page you can see that I have visited S-660, Flare 2, and Flare 8...I have visited those pages from this page. From the Flare 4 page, I have visited Flare 8. I want each page within this menu to show all the pages I have visited, so the Flare 4 page, the S-660 flare page and the flare launch screen would ALL show that I have visited S-301A flare, the 128-FA flare, S-660, Flare 2, and Flare 8, along with the other pages I have visited from the other flare pages.

David Anderson

Hi Brandy!

Because you're tracking states across slides, your best option is to work with variables. Variable data can be used to track visited slides and update button states for those visited slides.

Here's a tutorial on how that type of navigation works. There's also a project file you can use to look under the hood. Can you take a look at both and let us know what questions you have?

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