Training hours clock to track hours spent

Hi I am creating a course that the Ontario Ministry of transportation requires that a user can only do five hours of elearning per day.

I am at a loss on how to make this happen. I have seen posts for countdown clocks but not sure if this would be the way to go.

I think the ministry wants the course to kind of kick them out. Was an additional requirement after the contract was signed.

I would appreciate any ideas or examples.

Thanks in advance 

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Matthew Bibby

This is something that would need to be handled by the LMS.

Assuming that you are using SCORM, there is no way to share information like this between courses. So it would not be possible to total up the time spent on different courses.

And even if you were using xAPI, where sharing information between courses is possible, I'd still advise not to try and do something like this as it would be trivial to workaround.

What is the reason for limiting the time spent on training per day?

Seems like an odd request to me.

Matthew Bibby

Or... maybe this restriction could be set up at a browser level?

Assuming people are doing this training onsite, your IT dept could add a rule saying that the LMS can only be accessed for a total of five hours each day.

Although it is worth keeping in mind that time spent in the LMS does not equal time spent completing eLearning.