Transfer issues SL360 UK to Switzerland

May 20, 2022

Hi, I am experiencing styling issues when I transfer an SL360 source file from England to our company office in Schaffhausen in Switzerland. At first I was transferring the files using (JS issues arose) and then we set up an MS Teams room where I could drop the files so the Swiss team can just DL to their local drives and continue working on the projects. However, when the Swiss team open the files the text is out of place and many items on random slides are no longer aligned correctly or pixel perfect. This is causing us a lot of issues and delays in delivering the final e-Learning courses. Please can a member of the Heroes team offer any light on why these issues are happening and how we can stop them? Is it due to servers? I am on the UK server and I am moving work to the Swiss server. Is it due to the Pulse Secure VPN that we use? I would really appreciate advice on this. With thanks, Dan

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Dan,

Have you tried zipping your Storyline 360 project files using a tool like 7-zip before uploading and sharing them on your servers? Compressing your files before sending them out might help reduce the chances of any issues happening to the files. 

I'd also recommend checking out the checksum of your project files before and after they are shared. If the value of the checksum of your project files changes after the files are shared, then that means that the transfer process is somehow changing the integrity of your project files. 

If the issue persists, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team here for further assistance.