Translation Export - Adding Comments and Page Numbers to Exported Word Translation

Comments and Page Numbers - Exported Translations
I would like to add comments and page numbers to Exported Translations. These would be Word documents, after they have been exported from Articulate Storyline.

I use the Word with Reference Column format and adding page numbers and comments, to the document would be very helpful especially working with Translators.   Any issues with doing this?  Will it affect the import, after translation?

Adding Line Numbers to Exported Translations
Would there be any way for Articulate to add Line numbers, to the content that is exported from Articulate Storyline?  It would be very helpful when having to identify specific text and provide explanations (translate, do not translate etc)


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

I can't say I've ever tried this or see documentation one way or another, but I'd suspect that if you were making the changes in the "reference column" only they it would be safe for reimport. Changes in the other column will impact your translation. 

We don't currently have the option to include line numbers right now, but that sounds like it would be a good feature request! 

Steve Chorny

I have not tried it myself either... but ,,, I don't see a problem as comments are not part of the cells (reference columns).   But.... you never know with Microsoft Products.   I will do a test on my next translation. I will put in a couple dozen comments and see what happens.


ps: I submitted  a feature request.   I did not include a lot of details. Just line numbers and why.