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Apr 03, 2015


I've been trying to use the translation feature but can't succeed in creating my export file.  I keep getting an empty message box (see attach).

I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  Is there a particular initial step or configuration required first ?  

Thank you for helping me find a solution

Tina Marie

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Dana Lynne Singfield

I have the same problem, and importing the original 67MB file into a new story didn't fix it. From the looks of the release notes, It doesn't appear that this issue has been addressed. Any more suggestions? Note that we're using SL2, Update 4 Build 1501.717 and are awaiting approval to adopt the latest version in our environment. Thanks in advance for the help.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Dana! Sorry to hear that you have run into this issue as well. Most of the issues have been specific to user environments, but the issue has been reported to our QA Team as well. Not sure if your IT would have to be involved, but you are welcome to see if a repair will assist the issue you are experiencing.

On another note, many users report that making sure Word is not open when doing this alleviates the issue as well.

Dana Lynne Singfield

Hi Leslie! I tried the SL repair but it didn't help. Also, I didn't have Word open when I tried to export. I have a feeling that the file size is the problem, since I'm able to export much smaller projects with no issue.

I really appreciate the responsiveness and assistance provided by the awesome SL staff and community. Thanks again!

Lizzie Angell

Hi I am having the same problem, we have built courses for a client that are about 20 screens long. They aren't exporting the translation document and we need to be able to translate these courses. We had run a test version when building and it seemed to work fine.

I have done the Storyline repair. I have the course on my computer not on a server, and I have Word open. I can't see anything more I can try.

I am assuming that it is because the course size is may be to big, but if you are going to offer this feature surely it should work!

Philip Robisch

Hi. I'm still having issues with the translation export. The publish to Word works fine. I am on Windows 10, but am not clear on where to make any changes. My boss is anxiously waiting to see this feature in action. I am trying to convince him to purchase Articulate, as I feel it is the tool we need. Let me know of any steps I can take. Thanks.


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