Translation import from Word loses formatting

I have exported from Storyline 360, client has translated to their language.

I imported the translated document. The fonts, sizes etc are all fine, but any custom line/paragraph spacing has changed to a single line space on zero paragraph space.

The Word document is fine. Both columns are correct, but the story file is wrong after import.

I've seen various notes about the translation process going back years and it seems that most of the issues have been fixed, but not this one.

Super inconvenient as every block of text has to be edited in Storyline by hand and I have many modules coming back to me in 13 languages.

I am working with the latest updates.

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Charles Radanovich

I'm checking in to see if there has been any progress on this spacing problem as it relates to the translation feature.

Because of the amount of time involved in fixing the Storyline files after importing from Word, my client took away that part of their projects from me. Instead, they are sending the English work files to their regions for translating directly into Storyline.

Not only was that a loss of income for me, the files are coming back somewhat messed up because their regional people don't know how to handle the program beyond a certain level, so I still get files sent to me for partial fixing before they can be published.

For their most recent project, I created the files anticipating the translation problems and tried to make things more 'fool-proof', but with differing character demands of other languages, screens that had links via hot spots or other programming still need correction. This is frustrating for both my client and for me.

I would like to know if these issues are still on the Articulate 'radar'. Perhaps it was fixed and I just don't know since the client chose another path for translating their files. I have not tested this feature using old files, so If you can, please tell me if this has been addressed.

Thank you, Chuck

Charles Radanovich

As I'm the original poster on this, I'd like to point out that the most recent reply has been stated and re-stated for more than 2 years! That must be some lengthy investigation.

To update you on my situation, it hasn't gotten any easier but I've learned to layout my screens to anticipate problems with formatting post-Word import. That's my process and it works fine provided I'm in fact the person handling the language imports.

But often, my client's global markets do it themselves which can result in problems that come back to me for resolution later. It really makes all involved kind of frustrated.

I don't understand why this has not been addressed in all this time. XLIFF format is not an option.