Translation Variables

Has anyone experienced a variable not allowing the slide to advance and not showing text when there is a translation?  I didn't have an issue with my first translation and now I am getting no text showing in the shape box, unless I remove my variable (%Results.ScorePoints%).


My variable shows the score to the learner, and I need the score to display, but it will not display and it will not show other text in the same shape.

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Kristina Jones

Hello Alyssa,

Our character bundle licenses are not working on new computers, can you please send me the updated character bundle directions?

Also, when is the support for Storyline 2 ending? I do not see it in your list of products and nothing was mentioned when I inquired about upgrading our software to Storyline 3.

Thank you!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kristina! Our support team can help you with the character bundle--I've opened a case for you, and they'll reach out soon!

We support the current and previous versions of Storyline (Storyline 3 and 2 ).  If you're already using Storyline 2 and want to keep working with that version, awesome! We certainly don't want to stop you and will continue guide you on that path. You can find Storyline 2 (and all other versions of Storyline) in our list of products here. 

Kristina Jones

Thank you, it turned out to be the code was translated, so all we had to do was update the result name and add the correct result name.  (We had many result names because we had four languages in the course and the wrong variable was listed because we separated the languages into different courses when the course wouldn't publish to word (too many spelling errors).

Thank you Alyssa!!