Translations don't get imported in sub-layers in some cases

Nov 06, 2017

We noticed that text in some sub-layers of one of our Storyline projects did not get imported from the translated Word document. I decided to create a very small single-slide course for testing. In the attached zip, you will find:

  • test.story - the original English course
  • test.doc - a "translated" export from test.story (all I did was add Xxx at the beginning of each string.)
  • test.xlf - a "translated" export from test.story (all I did was add Xxx at the beginning of each target string.)
  • test_Word_Imported.story - The project with test.doc imported.
  • test_XLIFF_Imported.story - The project with test.xlf imported.

Notice how the text in the two sub-layers remains untranslated.

I use Storyline 360 v.3.9.13567.0

This is a pretty big deal, as we provide localization services, and this adds a lot of copy/paste work. (Imagine doing 10+ languages and having 30+ items not get imported.) We have seen this in many other projects as well.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, PTI Global.  You did a great job compiling that information for us to troubleshoot this issue.  I'm going to pass this over to our support engineers so they can do some testing.

Because we released a fix September 5 for a similar issue, I'd like to have our expert team weigh in.  You'll be getting an email from them shortly!

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