Transparent patch not working in scorll

I have added transparent patch on type entry to restrict user from typing anything, in type entry. It is working well. But once I put both the elements(Patch + type entry) in scrolling panel, it is not working. I need to add this is scroll there is no other alternative. I am using SL2.

Below is the output:

story file and output attached 

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Ravindra. I notice that the Storyline 2 HTML5 output allows the text entry field to be entered, but the Flash output does not. I will document this issue for my team to track since the HTML5 output is not working as it should.

I tested upgrading your course to Storyline 360 which has a newer HTML5 output and broader browser support. It worked for me – I couldn't enter text under the transparent shape in the scrolling panel. You can test it here.