Triger from time line not working after change of state

May 24, 2012

Hi All

The navigation of the scenes is chosen by randomn from a random number generator (Java) selectinglayers of the navigation slide. If you visit a layer the first time you will be sent to a scene, when returning you randomly select a layer again. If it is a layer that you have been to before tracked by a T/F var the text box changes states and the character should react differently at the begining of the text box time line. But it seems the change I cannot trigger from the time line when the state of an object on the time line has changed.

PS this is a simplified version of the project as it is too big to post here.

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Phil Mayor

Hi Colin

I may have the wrong end of the stick.

I take it when the layer loads you want to change the character state on the basel layer to match the character on the layer?

I have only done layer 1, but it looks like your state names are wrong the character with the briefcase was called level 1_alt or something like that.

If this is not what you want let me know and I will have another look


Colin Harm

Thanks for looking Phil,

When the layer loads the character will have a reaction Called Layer 1, and a text box after a second or so will say welcome to layer one.

The user is then directed off to another scene, on completion of the scene a var Vvisited is set true, they are returned to the navigation slide again.

If the random generator selects layer 1 again, layer one initialy shows the same reaction from the character layer 1. Then the var 1Visited is detected this makes two changes. The text box changes state from "welcome to layer 1" to "You have been here" and on the start of that same textbox in the timeline, the character should change to layer_1_Alt.

I think the trigger for the second character change on the textbox entry may not be working due to the state change of the textbox.

I could come up with a work around, using slides rather than layers but I am trying to keep the project size minimal.

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