Trigger conditions

Jun 15, 2012

I want to stop a video playing when revisiting a slide. It looks to me that trigger conditions might be the answer, but I cannot find any instructions for entering conditions. Can you point me in the right direction.

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John Botham

Thanks Phil,

I thought that that would be the case, but I found that it didn't happen. I set the revisited state to resume saved state but it played the video again. Other actions on the slide resume from where they left off. But I have worked out what I am doing wrong. I had extended the video until the end of the timeline, so in effect the video was still running, so it started again on revisit. I have now stopped the video short of the end of the timeline and it does not repeat.

I would still like to learn about trigger conditions. Where are the instructions?

hari krishna

Hi Ashley we have some requirement in Quiz. We will have 3 sets of quiz in each set there will be 5 questions but user will have any one of them to attempt Quiz in that 3 sets either 1 or 2 or 3. After attempting any one of Quiz set he will enter in to result page. Here is the main thing i am not able to get. The one Quiz set which user will attempt that particular Quiz set should get track in Scorm.

If user attempt set One Quiz remaining Two and Three Quiz sets result should not get track. Please help me out its very urgent requirement..Please find attach file for Image.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gaddam,

Storyline can only track one result to your LMS - either a results slide or track by number of slides viewed. If you have multiple quizzes you can use a master results slide to track all of them, but as you'll see described here your options for choices on how the results should be calculated are as follows: 

  • User must pass each quiz: Select this option if learners must pass each individual quiz (represented by the tracked result slides) in order to pass the overall course (represented by the final result slide). If learners fail any quiz in the course, then they fail the entire course.
  • Combine points from each quiz: Select this option if you want the scores from all tracked result slides to be added together as the final score for the course, then enter a percentage in the Passing Score field. In this scenario, a learner could fail one or more of the individual quizzes and still pass the overall course.

You may want to investigate the options here to track multiple SCOs, but please note these are not supported by Articulate. 

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