Multiple AND and OR conditions in the same trigger

Nov 14, 2012

I've run into a scenario when I am implementing a "show layer X" trigger 5 times (with different conditions), when I really should be just using one trigger (with all conditions combined). How does storyline evaluate a trigger with conditions that include both AND and OR statements?

For example :

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Alexandro,

What you could do is store the result of your Or condition in a variable with 1 trigger, followed by a second trigger that takes taht variable and applies the AND condition to it

Trigger 1

Or_result = picture 1 OR picture 2

Trigger  2

Show layer = Picture 3 AND Or_result

Hope it helps


Jeff Sale

Phil to the rescue! Thank you much, Alexandros, I think I figured out a way to do it. What I am doing is creating a dummy variable that is false, using that "And Hide == False" and then adding all of my other "OR" conditions into one trigger. I was going to have to make 15 triggers and now I only need 3

Mike Wohlwend

After trying to make sense of how and's and or's interact when combined into a single trigger, I have gone with Geert's indicated method. It seems that you simply have to break up more complicated functions, which does inflate the number of triggers and the time to create it--but which works!

So Alexandros, in testing my situation over, it seems that the ands and ors combine to break the functionality of the whole thing.

More specifically, I think I saw all elements begin behaving as if they were "or" conditions, regardless of their ordering, etc

Alex O'Byrne

Hi Raju, depends on whether your looking to take them to a slide based on then final answer to the question i.e. the last question they get it wrong so they go to the wrong slide or they get it right so they go to the right slide - if that is the case all you need to do is alter the feedback layers continue button to go to the feedback slide (they are set to jump to next as a default). 

If you want to move them depending on overall score then you would want to create a number variable and count the score then final slide would have a trigger to direct depending on the score (i.e. if the score counts 5 go to correct/well done feedback if >5 then wrong/you fail slide).

Example of both attached.

Jeff Sale

Raju, Do an If statement (create a trigger) if the score is greater than 60 (or whatever score) go to a certain slide. 

And then make another one.

Your triggers will look like this:
 I added these triggers to an object, but you could have them set as slide triggers which *fire* when the timeline starts on a certain slide. 
Hope this help. ~Boat 

Michael Hinze

Raju M N said:

Hi friends,

can some one will help me in this:

when i take the test i know how to shuffle answers,but can we shuffle questions also?

if it can be done -it will be interesting .

thanks in advance 

You could use question banks and randomly draw questions from them. Here is some info on question banks.
Peatragay McKay


I am trying to use the trigger to do this action:

When a user click on the policy button they can move to the next slide, if they do not click the policy button they get a popup saying" Please make sure to ready the policy" and they will not be able to move to the next page without clicking that policy button.