Trigger + exact timeline time?


I love storyline, but the timeline is now a little bit underestimated :( it's the most useful tool for every program in editing animations, videos or something, and in storyline it's usage is very limited. Or I dont know how to use it properly?

The function I lack most is when I want to put a new trigger - I have only "when timeline start/end". Where is usage for cue points? Why I cant have option "When time is..." and put a second in it?

This way, instead of making ten captions, I can define states for caption and tell the Storyline to change them over time. Yeah, of course I can put ten captions, arrange it, even group it so they don't take so many space. But which way is faster?

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Mateusz - 

You can't trigger based on an absolute time but you can approximate this with dummy objects off of the stage. Creating a shape that starts at a specific time, you can trigger when that object appears (when the timeline starts for the object). I do this all of the time. It's not too bad