Trigger not working on swf file

I used swf for page curl animation from the link below in another thread.

The issue i'm facing is that trigger is not working on swf file in Storyline 2 [update 7]. "Jump to next slide when user clicks on swf file".If i use a transparent shape on top of swf file, the animation does not play as expected.Not smoothly.

I have tried converting it to gif animation but due to some error in swf file i couldn't convert it to gif.Please suggest a workaround.I really want to keep the animation (swf).I want it really quick.


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Ron Price

You could add a layer to the slide that contains a hotspot.  That hotspot could jump to next slide.  Make sure the hotspot is smaller than the swf.  Then add a mourse over trigger to the SWF to show the layer.  Be sure to deselect restore on mouse leave.  It is not ideal, but it will work.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Abhishek -- Please feel free to let us know if Ron's suggestion does the trick for you, and you may receive input from others in the community as well if you were able to share your file. Please feel free to use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and browse from there! :)