Trigger" play screen recording when click hotspot" not working

Mar 04, 2020

I did a screen recording and saved it in "Try mode".  In one of the slides, I have set up a trigger to play the video when the hotspot is clicked, but the video automatically plays.  

Looking for help fixing the issue.


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Sandy,

Your problem stems from the fact that your video will start when the timeline reaches 3 seconds, irrespective of whether or not the hotspot has been clicked.

To achieve what you want, I think you basically have two options here:

1.  If you add an additional trigger to pause the video when the timeline starts for the slide, the video will appear after three seconds, but will not play until the hotspot has been clicked:

To avoid the video appearing initially, you could, for example, drag the start point of the video out to 60 seconds so that it only appears once the hotspot is clicked (it will still start when the hotspot is clicked even if that is before 60 seconds).

2.  Alternatively, you could simply place the video on a separate layer that is only shown when the hotspot is clicked and have the video start when the layer's timeline starts. You could also automatically close the layer when the video completes.

Hope this helps.

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