trigger problem, think it's a setting?

Sep 03, 2021

HI, I have a weird problem happening with one of my triggers.  On my menu/objectives page, I have the "review" tab hidden that only appears in a different state.

I have added a trigger that the other tabs must be in a state of "visited" before the "review" tab appears.

My problem:  the review tab appears as it's supposed to, but ONLY if the tabs on the menu/objectives page are clicked in REVERSE order.  If a learner clicks on the tabs out of sequence, or does the tabs in order, then when they return to the menu/objectives page after the lesson is done the menu/objectives page does not go to its second state, and the "review" tab does not appear.

Is there, perhaps, a setting I don't have right which would allow these tabs to be done in any order prior to the "review" tab/other state appear?

thanks for all of your help!

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David Schwartz

Hi Joe,

Nice looking module!

The issue here is that in the triggers for Rectangle 4, the state change being made to Rectangle 4 is being done on the Review layer, and not on the base layer. Everything seems to work as expected when it's changing the state on the base layer.

I also noted that you could reduce the number of triggers by having the text in the rectangles instead of having text boxes over them, but it's not hurting anything ;-)